15 Best PDF Reading Journal Printables (2024)



Get the best PDF reading journal printables to track your reading and crush your reading goals quickly and easily — even if you have no time or inspiration!

15 Best PDF Reading Journal Printables (1)

Do you…

  • Hate being unable to remember all the details of your reading life?
  • Want to stay motivated to read and learn more about your habits and preferences?
  • Wish you could have a special bullet journal but feel like you lack the time or skills to keep up with it?

If you answered, “Yes,” then you are in luck. As an avid book reader myself, I created The Literary Lifestyle Reading Journal for book lovers like you to solve those exact common reading problems!

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What is a reading journal? Let’s take a closer look at how this example of a Reading Journal will change your bookish life.

The Reading Journal Printables You Get

15 Best PDF Reading Journal Printables (2)
15 Best PDF Reading Journal Printables (3)

The Literary Lifestyle Reading Journal format is the standard U.S. letter-sized delivered to you digitally as a printable PDF.

With The Literary Lifestyle’s Reading Journal:

  • Easily print each page of your reading book journal as many times as you want to fully customize it to your needs during any month or year
  • Store your daily Reading Journal in a standard-sized folder or binder that’s large enough to read and write in
  • Customize the clean, neutral design that’s filled with elements you can make your own
  • Unleash your creativity with a printable reading log for adults with fun elements like the bookshelf coloring page and starred book ratings

Here are the details of all 16 pages that are included:

15 Best PDF Reading Journal Printables (4)

Cover Sheet

The Reading Journal cover sheet encourages you to live your best bookish life and includes a box to insert your name and contact information.

“My Bookshelf” coloring page

The “My Bookshelf” reading tracker template is a fun coloring page template you can fill in how you wish with your favorite reading accessories.

For example, use it to track a reading challenge, your yearly or even Summer reading, accomplishments in a genre (like the classics), or your book club reads (like my Rory Gilmore Book Club!). Be creative with this one!

Monthly Planner

The monthly reading log can be customized for any month of any year and can be used for reading AND beyond.

“Books Read” List

This PDF reading log is a simple list to quickly track the books you read, the author, the genre, and notes of your choosing, such as diversity, dates read, etc.

15 Best PDF Reading Journal Printables (5)

“To Be Read” List

The “To Be Read” (TBR) book list template is like your to-do list for reading. I like to use a separate one for each month and mark new book release dates in the “notes” column.

Reading Habit Tracker

The reading habit tracker is a daily reading log template for you to cross off how many dates of each month and year you have read. This reading goal tracker is perfect for readers who feel they need the motivation to read even just a little bit every single day. It’s so satisfying to see your progress!

Yearly Book Tally

The book tally tracker helps you set a yearly reading goal and chart how much progress you make towards that goal each month. You can even use different colors to track different months, genres, etc.

Reading Challenge

The reading challenge is like a Bingo card to encourage you to read a variety of different books and become a more well-rounded reader. Feel free to use it in conjunction with any other challenge, including my Rory Gilmore reading challenge, Around the World reading challenge, Across the U.S.A. reading challenge, Summer reading challenge, and more.

15 Best PDF Reading Journal Printables (6)

Alphabet Challenge

The alphabet challenge printable is a fun way to “read the alphabet” (meaning a book whose title begins with each letter of the alphabet), which I know a lot of readers love to do.

Book Adaptation Checklist

The book adaptation checklist was inspired by my love of pairing literature with life! Track the books and adaptations you have both read and watched here.

Book Review Template

The book review template is evocative of your school days writing book reports… except this one is much prettier! Record your thoughts and even give your books a star rating.

Quick Book Reviews

The quick book reviews list is meant to be like an index of your book reviews, with simple star ratings you can easily track and analyze.

15 Best PDF Reading Journal Printables (7)

Favorite Quotes Template

The favorite quotes PDF template is a place to record all your favorite lines from the books you read in one spot for easy reference later.

Notes Page

The notes page is a lined piece of paper to doodle, draw, or write anything and everything you want.

Bonus: Daily Planner

Lastly, as a bonus, the Reading Journal also includes a daily planner, which can be used as part of your Reading Journal or on its own. It includes a to-do list, hourly schedule, and notes, to keep your days organized.

I have included it here to solve the #1 reader problem I hear: finding more time to read.

Planning your day in detail will help you crush your reading goals as a result!

Bonus: The Gilmores’ Bookshelf

The Gilmores’ Bookshelf helps you track your reading ofthe 75 most referenced books and most recognizable books from the show that you willdefinitelywant to read if you are doing the Gilmore Girls reading challenge.

Get The Literary Lifestyle Reading Journal

Say “No” to uninspired chaos and say “Yes” to an organized and fulfilled reading life with The Literary Lifestyle Reading Journal.

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15 Best PDF Reading Journal Printables (2024)


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