25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (2024)

Are you an avid book lover looking for the perfect reading journal?

No matter what genre of books you like to read, I’ve compiled a list of the best reading journals for every type of reader whether you want a simple journal, reading planner, printable reading journal, or even digital reading journal.

Take a look at these reading journal options and pick the best one for you. Happy reading!

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Why You Should Use a Reading Journal

Whether you read five books a year or one hundred and fifty books like me, if you read a great book you don’t want to forget it.

I love using my reading journal to rate books, track favorite quotes and plan my next books to read but you can use a reading journal for just about anything.

Use it to set a reading goal, track your reading progress, or review the books you read.

If you’re still unsure if a reading journal is for you, check out my reasons why you need a reading journal in your life.

How to Pick a Reading Journal

If you already know that you need and want a reading journal, then it’s all about selecting the right journal for your specific needs.

Journal Size

One thing to consider is the reading journal size.

Do you want a full-size, 8.5 in. x 11 in. reading journal, or would you prefer something smaller to fit into a small bag or purse?

Do you need a bigger journal that will have a larger font that’s easier for you to read, or do you want a larger journal because you need more room to write?

These are just a few considerations when it comes to picking the right size reading journal that you want.

Journal Binding

Journal binding might not even be a consideration when you first go shopping for a reading journal but it can be a significant factor in the lifetime of your journal.

If you anticipate using this journal for a year or longer, you may want to consider a hardcover reading journal.

Hardcovers can also withstand being thrown into a bag time and again and transported around.

Paperback journals are a great choice if you want something lighter in weight.

Spiral-bound journals open up to give you better access to each page to write on but they can easily snag on other items if thrown into a bag.

Printable or Digital Journals

Maybe you don’t want a physical reading journal at all and would prefer a digital reading journal that you can access on any of your devices.

Or, if you don’t want to be limited to a bound reading journal, a printable journal is the perfect choice as you can print the pages you need when you need them and put them in your own binder or folder.

Printable journals also last a lifetime as you can print pages whenever and as long as you need them.

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Information to Document in a Reading Journal

Perhaps the most important consideration when picking out a reading journal is the type of information you want to capture in it.

It will do you no good if you select a journal that doesn’t allow you to capture the details you want to remember about each book you read.

If you want a journal that also acts as a reading planner, then make sure you pick one that has a To Read list.

If you want a journal that also acts as a reading tracker, then make sure you pick one that has a calendar and monthly or yearly tracking forms.

Not all book review forms are alike either, so make sure the reading journal of your choice has all the options for a book review that you’re looking for.

Reading Journal Extras

Long gone are the simple reading journals (though there are definitely a few of those options if you don’t want or need a lot of bells and whistles).

Reading journals are now so creative, with many offering recommended reading lists, reading challenges, journal prompts, and more.

Consider these options as well when narrowing down your options for the best reading journal for you.

Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers

This list of reading journals has a bit of everything.

From simple journals, to comprehensive journals, printable reading journals to digital reading journals, and reading journals for specific reading groups and genres – I guarantee the perfect choice for you is just waiting to be selected!

Be sure to share your favorite reading journal below (and why you love it) and happy reading! 😊

Best Reading Journal for Book Reviews

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Keep Calm and Read a Book Reading Log
by smART bookx

If you want a more simple approach to your reading journal that mostly captures book reviews then consider the Keep Calm and Read a Book Reading Journal.

I love that it has a Table of Contents for easy reference to a book title. The review page itself captures a lot of great detail including the source of the book and book inspiration prompts.

Plus, it has a really great message that will be reinforced every time you open it!

Best Hardcover Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (4)

For the Love of Books Reading Journal
by Paper Peony Press

This is my pick if you’re looking for a hardcover reading journal. I love that this reading journal from Paper Peony Press opens really wide and has a ribbon to mark your place.

A Table of Contents also helps you quickly move to the spot you want and it has such a sleek, modern look to it.

I also love that their book reviews cover two pages so you can capture all of your information without it being cramped.

Best Paperback Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (5)

My Reading Journal
by writinstudios

I love this paperback reading journal for its simplistic design. The cover is not overstated and it allows you to track and rate 60 books with monthly and yearly wrap-up pages.

Most Beautiful Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (6)

A Clockwork Reader Reading Journal
by Hannah Azerang

I like the elegance and beauty of this reading journal from Hannah at A Clockwork Reader. It’s beautiful with room for your own doodles.

She also gives you great challenge prompts in this journal and asks different questions on her book review pages such as Where were you when you read this book? and What was a memorable scene?

Best Simple Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (7)

Reading Journal
by TeppiLiving

If you’re in the market for a simple reading journal, I recommend this reading journal from TeppiLiving which has a customizable cover and is available in four colors.

It has a unique binding with white waxed thread and is made with100% grey recycled paper. This is for the reader who wants a more petite reading journal as it comes in either 5.8 x 8.3 inch size or 4.1 x 5.8 inches.

In it, you can capture 60 book reviews with details such as favorite character, 3 things I loved about this book, and 3 words I would use to describe the book.

Most Comprehensive Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (8)

The Kunitsa Co. Reading Journal
by Kunitsa Co.

The Kunitsa Co. Reading Journal is a good pick if you want a more comprehensive reading journal.

I love its simplistic hardcover as well as the modern font used on the inside pages. It includes 52 book review pages with ample space to write your own reflections or doodle.

It also includes reading challenges and lists such as Books I’ve Read, Finished, Favorites, Did Not Finish, Lent, Borrowed, and more.

Best Inexpensive Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (9)

Reading Log
by Bookwormie Press

This reading journal from Bookwormie Press has 108 pages as well as a great Table of Contents that lays out the book title and rating for quick reference.

For those looking for a larger reading journal, this one comes in a bound paperback that is 8.5 x 11 inches so the perfect amount of space to capture all of the details you want to remember in your book reviews.

Best Mini Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (10)

Letterfolk Book Passport Journal
by Letterfolk

If you’re shopping for a small reading journal, check out this mini reading journal from Letterfolk that is the size of a passport!

At 3.5 x 5.5 inches, this pocket-sized journal really packs in quite a bit! The Letterfolk Passport Journal has 48 pages, including 40 for book reviews and 8 bonus pages.

I love that the book reviews capture favorite and least favorite characters, what you felt after reading the book, and whether or not you’d watch the movie. You also get an entire lined page to free write.

It wraps up with a fun reading challenge, a bucket book list of 50 popular reads, and a list of Pulitzer prize fiction.

Best Reading Journal with Recommended Titles

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (11)

52 Diverse Titles Every Book Lover Should Read
by American Library Association

I love reading journals with recommended title lists. It’s fun to track and document your own reading, but it’s great to also get inspiration for your next book pick.

This reading journal from the American Library Association, selects a book by a must-read BIPOC author for every week of the year in this reading log.

This is the ultimate reading challenge with 52 book recommendations, questions to help you reflect on each book, and pages to document your personal reading log.

This is a great pick for anyone looking to increase the diversity in their reading and take on a year-long reading challenge.

Best Reading Journal with Calendar

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (12)

The American Library Association Recommended Reads and 2023 Planner
by American Library Association

This is another reading journal recommendation from the American Library Association that is a reading tracker, book log, and reading journal in one!

This Recommended Reads journal has a calendar for each month (for a total of 17 months) as well as weekly calendar pages that include a book recommendation.

Other fun pages include a reading bucket list, monthly goal pages, monthly reading tracker pages, and 4 pages of stickers.

Best Personalized Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (13)

Personalized Reading Journal Log-Book
by Afrimod

This personalized reading journal is like your own book diary! With different color options for your soft or hardcover, you can also customize text for the cover and spine, title, subtitle, and quotes.

Inside you can track your daily reading habits, log books on a to-be-read list, and record book reviews with simple review pages that have ample space to write your own unprompted review.

Best Digital Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (14)

Digital Reading Planner
by LiveLovePlanners

If you’d rather have a digital reading journal than a printed journal, check out this journal from LiveLovePlanners.

This digital journal is super affordable and was created for use with an annotation app such as Goodnotes, Notability or XODO on an iPad or tablet with a pencil or stylus.

Use this journal to track and review up to 1500 books and 300 book series.

You’re just going to have to check it out to see just how many different pages it has as it’s truly a reading tracker, planner, and reading journal all in one and fully hyperlinked throughout for easy access to every page.

Best Printable Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (15)

Printable Reading Journal
by SsPlanners

Printable reading journals are wonderful because they are the journals that keep on giving, year after year.

You just make one purchase and have the journal pages to print anytime you need them.

I love this printable reading journal that is super comprehensive and very affordable.

With 45 pages, it has everything you could possibly need to track everything related to your reading habit including multiple lists for tracking books, reading challenges, book reviews, series reviews and more.

Check it out to see everything that’s included in this printable reading journal.

Best Kit for a Bullet Journal Reading Log

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (16)

Bullet Dotted Journal Kit
by Cocopin

If you are the creative type, then crafting a bullet journal would be a perfect option for your reading journal.

I absolutely love this bullet journal kit from Cocopin Store that has a beautiful carrying case, marker set, ruler, clip, scissors, and wasi tape.

The notebook has a lay-flat binding, page numbers, and an elastic band to keep your place. It has everything you could possibly need.

Best Blank Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (17)

Siixu Spiral Notebooks and Journals

If you want a more free-form reading journal or already have all your bullet journal supplies, then I recommend this reading journal of beautiful blank pages.

This reading journal from SIIXU Store has 128 pages of various colors and designs. It’s unlined so you can write or doodle to your heart’s content.

I love that it’s a larger reading journal at 6.8” x 9.8” and has an elastic band to mark your place. It also has a spiral binding that makes it easy to lay flat and write on either side of the page which can be more difficult with a hard binding.

Best Free Digital Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (18)


If you’re looking for a simple and FREE reading journal then you really can’t go wrong with Goodreads.

On the Goodreads app, you can track the books you read and the books you want to read, write book reviews and even follow your favorite authors and fellow readers.

Every year they kick off the Goodreads reading challenge and help you track the number of books you read to meet your goal.

If you’re looking for a reading journal that not only tracks your reading habits but also connects you with other readers and authors, then you have to get the Goodreads app!

Themed Reading Journals

If you are a lover of a specific genre or category of books then you may want a reading journal specific to your reading interests.

The reading journals below are perfect for book lovers looking for a specific-themed journal or for book lovers looking for a specific interest or children book lovers!

Best Reading Journal for Book Clubs

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (19)

Book Club: A Journal
by Read it Forward

If you are in a book club then you may be interested in a reading journal specific to tracking your book club reading selections.

This book club reading journal from Read It Forward is not only gorgeous but it captures so many great details about the books you read and the meetings you hold.

Capture items such as:

  • Who selected the book
  • Your favorite and least favorite characters
  • Questions to pose at the meeting
  • Questions you’d ask the author
  • Discussions for each meeting
  • What you ate and drank
  • Fun activities to try during your meetings

Plus it has book lists of suggested books to read together. This is a must-have reading journal for anyone in a book club!

Best Romance Book Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (20)

Romance Book Reading Journal
by She Reads Romance Books

If you are a book lover of romance books like me, then you’ll want to get your hands on the She Reads Romance Books Romance Book Reading Journal, designed specifically for the romance book reader.

It’s truly a reading planner, reading tracker, and reading journal all in one that comes in either hardcover or paperback.

It includes ample pages to review books and review book series, plus you can track your daily, monthly, and yearly reading habits.

Filled with book challenges, fun BINGO games, coloring pages, and more, it makes reading romance fun!

For the romance book lover, you can track your favorite book boyfriends, track your favorite books by romance trope, document your favorite quotes, and more. It has everything you could possibly need and want in a romance reading journal.

Best Fanfiction Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (21)

Fanfiction Reading Journal
by Loewen Anni

Book lovers of fanfiction will want to get their hands on this fanfiction reading journal.

This journal and tracker has 100 pages that include Illustrated bookshelves in order to keep track of your fanfic consumption, pages to track your favorite authors, fandom fests, favorite tropes, to-be-read lists, and fanfiction reads of the month and of all time.

Plus, it has over 80 book review/rating pages to round out this fun reading journal.

Best #Booktok Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (22)

Booktok Journal
by She Reads Romance Books

Do you love to get your book recommendations from others on Tiktok? #Booktok has taken the publishing industry by storm.

If you want to document all of your #Booktok books in a reading journal then you’ll want to grab this Booktok Reading Journal.

It’s a paperback journal that’s a reading tracker, reading planner, and reading journal all in one. With pages to track your daily and monthly reading habits, design your ideal bookshelf and capture 100 book reviews, it has it all.

Plus, it gives you two pages of must-read, popular #Booktok titles in a fun checklist.

Best Banned Books Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (23)

Read These Banned Books
by American Library Association

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot read with this Banned Books Reading Journal.

The American Library Association comes through again with this journal that gives you 52 banned book titles to read, one for each week of the year.

It includes 52 banned, censored, or challenged book recommendations and the reasons they were banned as well as pages to include your own reading.

I love that it also includes an appendix highlighting the 100 Most Banned and Challenged Books from 2010-2019 and information about how you can help fight book banning.

Best Reading Challenge Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (24)

Read Harder: A Reading Log
by Bookriot

Reading challenges are all the rage among book lovers and if you too love to complete a great reading challenge then you’ll want to snag this reading journal from Bookriot.

While it offers many pages to review and reflect on the books you read, it also includes 12 challenges inspired by Book Riot’s annual Read Harder initiative, which began in 2015 to encourage readers to pick up passed-over books, try out new genres, and choose titles from a wider range of voices and perspectives.

Each challenge includes an inspiring quotation, an explanation of why the challenge will prove to be rewarding, and five book recommendations that fulfill the challenge.

This is a fantastic accompaniment to any other reading journal, or use it as your sole reading journal.

It’s perfect for those who want to break out of their regular reading habit and explore books they may not pick on their own.

Best Reading Journal for Teens

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (25)

Lock Diary Vintage Journal
by Yoment

For the teenage readers, this reading journal with lock from the Yoment Store would be the perfect choice for those who want to keep their reading reflections private.

The smaller size (7.8 in by 5.6 in) will fit in any purse or bag and it comes in many colors and designs to choose from.

It also includes a zipper inner pocket, a pen holder, and is designed to last a lifetime with refillable pages.

Best Reading Journal for Kids

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (26)

My Reading Adventures: A Book Journal for Kids
by Anne Bogel

It’s never too early to encourage the love of reading in children and this children’s reading journal by Anne Bogel is a wonderful start.

This journal includesfun lists of book recommendations for different genres and interests, creative reading-related activities, and space to record what your book lover read and what they would like to read.

This is the perfect reading journal to gift the young reader in your life.

Best Battle of the Books Reading Journal

25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (27)

Battle of the Books Reading Tracker Journal
by Entrada Publishing

If your young reader at home is participating in the Battle of the Books, why not get them this Battle of the Books reading journal to help them track their reading, track their thoughts on each book, and prepare for the Battle of the Books competition?

At 8.5 in x 11 in, this journal is also the perfect size for younger readers.

Plus, this reading journal will work for all Battle of the Books levels including the short (12 books), medium (20 books), standard (28 books), and elite (36 books) levels.

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25 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers of All Types (2024)


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