35 Groundhog Day Crafts (2024)

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Our fun and easy Groundhog Day crafts are sure to delight everyone from kids to adults.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (1)

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Check out this fun list of Groundhog Day Crafts that will bring warmth and joy to this mid-winter celebration! Far from being simply a fun holiday that revolves around the adorable Punxsutawney Phil, Groundhog Day marks the halfway point to spring, enticing us with the brighter days ahead.

We’ve put together an array of craft ideas suitable for all ages and skill levels. From adorable craft puppets to delicious pancake groundhogs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a teacher looking for engaging classroom activities or a parent seeking fun projects for your kids, these crafts will spark creativity and laughter. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and discover a world of groundhog-themed fun that will make this holiday even more special for you and your loved ones!

Groundhog Day Crafts for Preschoolers

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (2)


Groundhog Day Pudding Cups

Help kids explore culinary crafts with this cute pudding cup idea. Color shredded coconut with green food coloring. Stick candy eyes and a chocolate chip nose onto a Nutter Butter cookie using peanut butter. Add marshmallow teeth and brown M&M ears, stick this in a pudding cup with coconut grass, and your groundhog is ready to be devoured!

Here’s the perfect example of Groundhog Day pudding cups from The Best Ideas For Kids.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (3)


Handprint Groundhog

Grab a bunch of brown paint and let the kids have a blast making brown handprints on white paper. Help them cut mouths and teeth from cardstock, then glue this on. Stick on googly eyes and black pom pom noses. Make fingerprint ears, and your Groundhog Day artwork is ready to hang up.

Here’s the perfect example of a handprint groundhog from Pinterest.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (4)


Footprint Groundhog

It’s time for the feet to shine in this easy, slightly messy, Groundhog Day craft. Help your preschoolers dip one foot in brown paint, then instruct them to carefully step down on craft paper. Let them draw a face at the heel, add some handprint “grass” near the toes, and their beautiful artwork is ready!

Here’s the perfect example of a footprint groundhog from Tippy Toe Crafts.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (5)


Paper Bag Groundhog Puppet

Turn a simple paper bag into a cute groundhog puppet. Glue on ears, stick on a nose and teeth made of construction paper, and add googly eyes. Use a felt tip marker to draw the whiskers and any more details you’d like to add. Glue on green grass made of construction paper, and your puppet is ready!

Here’s the perfect example of a paper bag groundhog puppet from Kids Activities Blog.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (6)


Groundhog Headband

Help kids cut out a groundhog from construction paper. Hint: You can even make use of the thousands of templates available for free online! Then instruct them to glue this to a strip of construction paper measured to fit their heads. Secure the ends with tape or glue, and let them wear their groundhog headbands all day.

Here’s the perfect example of a groundhog headband from Simple Everyday Mom.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (7)


Groundhog Day Mask

Guide the kids to cut heart shapes from cereal boxes, paint them brown, then glue on brown ears and black noses from construction paper. Add toothpick whiskers and glue on a smaller upside-down heart as the mouth. Cut eye holes and punch tiny holes on the sides for the string. Help them tie the string with knots, and you’re done!

Here’s the perfect example of a Groundhog Day mask from I Heart Crafty Things.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (8)


Groundhog Day Dirt Pie

Instruct the kids to mix cream cheese, powdered sugar, and butter while you blend instant vanilla pudding, milk, and Cool Whip together. Let them mix the two. Then, in small glasses or cups, help them layer roughly crushed Oreo cookies, the pudding mix, and then the “soil,” before adding a small cookie decorated to look like a groundhog inside.

Here’s the perfect example of Groundhog Day dirt pies from Pinterest.


Groundhog Board Game

Turn an old DVD into a dice by painting it and adding numbers. Make a hole for the brad and add a cutout arrow. Little groundhog cutouts can be your counters. Draw or print a board game on paper, fold this to fit your DVD cover, then insert it into the space between the cover and the plastic.

Here’s the perfect example of a groundhog board game from 30 Minute Crafts.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (10)


Cupcake Liner Groundhog Craft

Help kids turn simple cupcake liners into an awesome Groundhog Day craft. On a cardboard semi-circle, cut and stick a brown cupcake liner cut into a heart. Stick another brown one beside it but behind the cardboard. Add a face using cardstock and googly eyes, and stick the whole “burrow” onto cardstock. Add a cupcake liner sun for extra flair.

Here’s the perfect example of a cupcake liner groundhog craft from I Heart Crafty Things.

Groundhog Day Crafts for Students

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (11)


Groundhog Day Bulletin Board

Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow? Pin this question up on the bulletin board and ask the kids to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ They can use simple sticky notes with their name on them, or create their own groundhog cutouts from construction paper, and pin these under the respective sections. They can also update this day to count down his arrival.

Here’s the perfect example of a Groundhog Day bulletin board from Pinterest.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (12)


Pop-up Groundhog

Help the kids cut and glue a groundhog shape to a jumbo craft stick. Instruct them to cover a paper cup with green paper, cutting the extra paper over the top of the mouth in a fringe. Help them cut a slit at the bottom of the glass and insert the stick so their groundhog is inside.

Here’s the perfect example of a pop-up groundhog from Craft Project Ideas.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (13)


Interactive Groundhog Day Paper Plate Craft

Have the kids color paper plates half brown and half green. Cut along the line where the two colors meet. Use construction paper for the sun and its rays, and grass. Glue this on the plate, along with a few cotton balls. Glue a groundhog cutout to a stick and insert it into the cut to pop the groundhog’s head in and out of his “burrow.”

Here’s the perfect example of an interactive Groundhog Day paper plate craft from Mother Goose Club.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (14)


Roll Graph Groundhog Activity

On white paper, draw simple shapes with squares above them. Make a cardboard cube and paste little groundhogs on each side, naming a shape on each one. Have kids roll dice and color in the squares corresponding to the shapes. The first one to color in all the squares wins!

Here’s the perfect example of a roll graph groundhog activity from Pinterest.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (15)


Groundhog Letter Recognition Game

Help the kids feed the groundhog some yummy letters to practice their uppercase, lowercase, sight words, and more. Tape a groundhog cutout to a paper bag, then make a “mouth.” Write your letters on suns and clouds made from construction paper and laminate these. Have the kids select a circle and read aloud what it says as they feed their new pet.

Here’s the perfect example of a groundhog letter recognition game from Pinterest.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (16)


Shadow Experiments

Make the most of a sunny day to teach kids about shadows and how they’re formed. The task is simple: Line up random objects in front of pieces of paper, then let them draw or trace these. They can also play around with moving the objects to see how shadows change shape.

Here’s the perfect example of a shadow experiment from Science Sparks.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (17)


Spring Flower Craft

Here’s the perfect craft if the groundhog picks the sun. Help kids cut and fold paper tulips, then glue the folded halves onto one of the tulips to make it pop in 3D. Make more tulips and stick these onto cardstock, with green paper stems and leaves. Fold the leaf tips to give your tulip craft an extra dimension.

Here’s the perfect example of a spring flower craft from I Heart Crafty Things.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (18)


Snowball Craft

And if Mr. Groundhog forecasts winter, we’ve got your classroom covered! Cut notches on cardboard, wrapping white or gray yarn over this. Once you’re happy with the size, tie a knot at the notched part to resemble a bow. Cut through the loops at both sides, and you’ve got a bunch of fluffy yarn snowballs for that next snowball fight!

Here’s the perfect example of a snowball craft from A Parenting Production.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (19)


Letter 'G' Groundhog Craft

Sneak in a little motor skills and literacy development with this Groundhog Day craft. Have kids trace and cut out uppercase ‘G’s and circles for the mouth, nose, eyes, and ears. Color these brown, with a black nose. Add four black cardstock whiskers and white teeth. Glue this on to make a letter ‘G’ groundhog.

Here’s the perfect example of a letter ‘G’ groundhog craft from ABC’s Of Literacy.

Groundhog Day Crafts for Adults

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (20)


Groundhog Hotdogs

Create the cutest edible groundhogs for your dinner table. Cut hot dogs in half and make small circular cuts near the top. Prop the ears with toothpicks and bake. Use hole-punched cheese and olives for the eyes and nose and mini cheese squares for the teeth. Stick these into hollowed-out food items for a plate full of fun.

Here’s the perfect example of groundhog hotdogs from Around Annabelle’s Table.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (21)


Groundhog Day Pancakes

Delight the kids with these adorable groundhog pancakes. With one large pancake as the base, add two smaller “chubby cheeks” pancakes. Cut up a banana, using a piece as the mouth, the two pieces as the eyes, and rectangular pieces as the teeth. Add a chocolate chip for each eye and the nose. All that’s left to do is eat them!

Here’s the perfect example of groundhog pancakes from Secrets Of A Supermom.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (22)


Groundhog Yarn Hat Craft

If winter’s still holding on, add some flair to your yarn hats with a cute crocheted groundhog. All you need is yarn in brown, black, and white, and some crocheting know-how, and you can have this little guy ready in no time. Stitch it onto your hat, and you’re all set to show off your Groundhog Day winter style!

Here’s the perfect example of a groundhog yarn hat craft from Repeat Crafter Me.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (23)


Baby Groundhog Plush Toy and Shadow

Cut two tan fleece groundhog bodies and one from black fleece. Stitch a felt nose, safety eyes, and backstitch the mouth. Use a small tan fleece piece for the tail. Sew the front and back together, stuff, then attach the tail. Place the black shape behind our baby groundhog (like a shadow), and your toy is ready!

Here’s the perfect example of a baby groundhog plush toy and shadow from Wild Olive.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (24)


Groundhog Pop-up Cookie

Bake donut-shaped cookies. Separately, melt butter, cane sugar, and cocoa, mixing in vanilla extract and oats (once cooled). Add peanut butter, then pour this over your cookies. Soften a Tootsie roll and roll it until it can fit into the cookie hole. Add icing eyes, coconut flake teeth, and a chocolate chip nose.

Here’s the perfect example of groundnut pop-up cookies from Back To Organic.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (25)


Groundhog “Poop” Treat Bags

This fun bag of treats doesn’t need much setting up. Any clear cellophane bag will do. Fill it up with handmade brown cake pops — you can use any recipe — that have been coated with dark chocolate. Add a little sign that says it is groundhog poop, and gift it as a prank.

Here’s the perfect example of a groundhog “poop” treat bag from Pinterest.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (26)


Groundhog Cookies

Making groundhog cookies is as simple as finding the perfect recipe for cookies, and using groundhog-shaped cookie cutters. To make it look more like a groundhog, you can add raisins or currants for the eyes. Get ready to gobble these tasty treats up!

Here’s the perfect example of groundhog cookies from Pinterest.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (27)


Groundhog Day “Prediction” Treat Boxes

Create winter and spring-themed DIY treats bags for family and friends. Set out winter treats like white chocolate chips, white cake pops, blue-wrapped Hershey’s Kisses, and spring treats including bright-colored candy, colorful lollipops, and multi-hued marshmallows. Let guests fill up cardboard boxes with treats as per their predictions.

Here’s the perfect example of a Groundhog Day “prediction” treat box from Food Management.

Printable Groundhog Day Crafts

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (28)


Groundhog Day Math Printable

Groundhog-themed printables can be turned into a fun math quiz by adding two spinners and creating red and yellow construction paper counters. Spin both spinners, and add, subtract, etc. the numbers as per the instructions. Place different colored counters in the number of squares that correspond with the answer.

Here’s the perfect example of a Groundhog Day math printable from Recipe For Teaching.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (29)


Roll-and-Color Groundhog Printable

It’s all about the roll of the die — at least for this easy coloring activity. Print a groundhog, complete with a hat and coat. Add a code; if the die lands on one, they color his hat. If it lands on two, they color his vest, and so on. Let them keep going until everything is colored.

Here’s the perfect example of a roll-and-color groundhog printable from Pinterest.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (30)


Groundhog Day Shadow Matching Printable

Print groundhogs in various poses and outfits so they all make different silhouettes. Print two images of each — a colored version and a solid grey or black version. Let kids cut out each shape and match the color versions to their corresponding shadows.

Here’s the perfect example of a Groundhog Day shadow matching printable from Tots Schooling.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (31)


Groundhog Day Prediction Printable

Will the groundhog see his shadow? Let kids answer this eternal question with a fun and simple DIY printable poster. Add a groundhog pic, your question, and blank spots for ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Up the fun by handing out sun and cloud stickers for kids to stick onto their choice.

Here’s the perfect example of a Groundhog Day prediction printable from Pinterest.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (32)


Groundhog Day Word Search Printable

Take a little time and carefully create a Groundhog Day word search puzzle for the family. Add cute groundhogs all over and print a few out. They can become word games for the kids, placemats for some pre-dinner fun, or even worksheets for school kids to take home.

Here’s the perfect example of a Groundhog Day word search printable from Super Teacher Worksheets.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (33)


Groundhog Day Treat Bag Topper Printable

Now, when you’re handing out treats for Groundhog Day, you can make them extra special by attaching adorable festive treat toppers. Print any groundhog-themed sayings or images on thick cardstock. Print this on two sides, so the front and back of your toppers have the same images. Then, simply staple these to your treat bags and hand them out!

Here’s the perfect example of a Groundhog Day treat bag topper printable from Pinterest.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (34)


Groundhog Bookmark Printable

Use any design tool to create a bookmark-shaped groundhog design. You can add a few lines about groundhogs, some fun facts, or even make this a coloring activity. Print it onto thick cardstock, laminate it, and slide it between the pages of your — or your kids’ — favorite book.

Here’s the perfect example of a Groundhog bookmark printable from Pinterest.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (35)


Build-a-Groundhog Printable

Print out parts of the groundhog and task the kids with cutting them out. You can choose to number them to practice early number skills or to name each part if you’re trying to teach them a bit of biology. Using cardboard or cardstock as the base, instruct them to carefully assemble their groundhog, one piece at a time.

Here’s the perfect example of a build-a-groundhog printable from Sea Of Knowledge.

35 Groundhog Day Crafts (36)


Groundhog 'G' Letter Maze Printable

Challenge kids to find the ‘g’ in the letter maze. Print one such maze on cardstock, making sure to add both uppercase and lowercase ‘g’s. Add in a few groundhogs to cheer your kids on, give them some coloring pencils or crayons, and let them enjoy this indoor version of hide and seek.

Here’s the perfect example of a groundhog ‘g’ letter maze printable from Simple Everyday Mom.

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