48 Toddler-Friendly Black History Month Crafts and Activities to Try This February (2024)

Black History Month is a vibrant celebration that invites us to honor and learn from the rich tapestry of African American history. It’s a time to recognize the resilience, achievements, and contributions of Black individuals who have shaped the course of history.

For children, this month serves as a colorful journey through stories of courage, creativity, and triumph.

It’s an opportunity to discover inspiring figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Maya Angelou, who stood against injustice and used their voices to create positive change.

By exploring Black History Month, children gain a profound understanding of diversity, equality, and the strength that arises from embracing one another’s unique stories.

It’s a chance to instill in young minds the values of empathy, unity, and the limitless potential that comes from appreciating the mosaic of humanity.

As we celebrate this vibrant month, we empower the next generation to become compassionate, informed individuals, ready to contribute to a world that celebrates the beauty of diversity and stands united against inequality.

48 Toddler-Friendly Black History Month Crafts and Activities to Try This February (1)

Here are 48 Toddler-Friendly Black History Month Crafts and Activities along with simple instructions:

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Collage: Create a collage by cutting out pictures of Martin Luther King Jr. from magazines. Glue them onto a poster board.
  2. Paper Plate Rosa Parks Bus: Paint a paper plate to resemble a bus. Add a picture of Rosa Parks inside to discuss her bravery.
  3. Harriet Tubman Paper Roll Craft: Decorate a paper roll with markers and construction paper to create a figure of Harriet Tubman.
  4. Ruby Bridges Popsicle Stick Craft: Glue popsicle sticks together to form Ruby Bridges’ figure. Add details using markers.
  5. Thurgood Marshall Handprint Craft: Paint your toddler’s hand and press it onto paper. Add facial features and a judge’s robe to represent Thurgood Marshall.
  6. George Washington Carver Peanut Craft: Glue peanuts onto a piece of paper to create a simple craft in honor of George Washington Carver.
  7. Diversity Handprint Tree: Paint your toddler’s hand in different colors and press them onto a tree trunk outline to symbolize diversity.
  8. Langston Hughes Poetry Painting: Let toddlers paint with different colors while playing Langston Hughes’s poetry in the background.
  9. Book Reading Circle: Gather age-appropriate Black history books and create a cozy reading circle for toddlers.
  10. African Drum Craft: Decorate a coffee can with colored paper and let toddlers use it as a drum. Discuss African culture.
  11. Jesse Owens Footprint Craft: Dip your toddler’s foot in paint and press it onto paper. Add details to represent Jesse Owens.
  12. Bessie Coleman Paper Airplane Craft: Fold paper airplanes and decorate them in honor of Bessie Coleman.
  13. Maya Angelou Feather Craft: Craft feathers using colored paper and discuss Maya Angelou’s contributions to literature.
  14. Ella Fitzgerald Paper Plate Craft: Cut out a paper plate to resemble a microphone. Decorate it to celebrate jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald.
  15. Jackie Robinson Baseball Craft: Create a baseball craft and discuss Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in sports.
  16. Nelson Mandela Handprint Flag: Paint your toddler’s hand in the colors of the South African flag and press it onto paper.
  17. Madam C.J. Walker Hair Salon Craft: Set up a small hair salon scene with dolls and playdough to celebrate Madam C.J. Walker.
  18. Malcolm X Silhouette Craft: Cut out a silhouette of Malcolm X from black paper and discuss his activism.
  19. Duke Ellington Music Craft: Create simple musical instruments using household items to celebrate Duke Ellington.
  20. Underground Railroad Maze: Draw a simple maze on paper to represent the Underground Railroad. Discuss its significance.
  21. Mary McLeod Bethune Paper Doll Craft: Create paper dolls representing Mary McLeod Bethune and her contributions to education.
  22. John Lewis Bridge Craft: Build a bridge using cardboard or popsicle sticks to symbolize John Lewis’s march for voting rights.
  23. Sojourner Truth Story Stones: Decorate stones with symbols representing Sojourner Truth’s life. Use them to tell a story.
  24. Frederick Douglass Hat Craft: Craft a hat using construction paper similar to Frederick Douglass’s iconic style.
  25. African Safari Sensory Bin: Fill a bin with sand, plastic animals, and small toys to create an African safari sensory experience.
  26. Civil Rights Movement Puzzle: Print out pictures representing scenes from the Civil Rights Movement and create a simple puzzle.
  27. Louis Armstrong Trumpet Craft: Craft a trumpet using cardboard or rolled paper to celebrate jazz musician Louis Armstrong.
  28. Zora Neale Hurston Collage: Create a collage using pictures and quotes inspired by Zora Neale Hurston’s literary works.
  29. African Print Stamping: Use African fabric prints for stamping activities on paper or cloth.
  30. Black History Month Banner: Cut out shapes and symbols representing Black history and create a banner together.
  31. Black Scientists Experiment: Conduct simple science experiments inspired by the achievements of Black scientists.
  32. Motown Music Shakers: Fill empty containers with rice or beans to create shakers. Decorate them with Motown-inspired designs.
  33. Billie Holiday Paper Plate Craft: Craft a paper plate portrait of Billie Holiday using paint and markers.
  34. Langston Hughes Dream Cloud: Cut out cloud shapes and have toddlers decorate them with dreams inspired by Langston Hughes’s poem.
  35. Book Character Dress-up Day: Let toddlers dress up as characters from Black history books and have a mini parade.
  36. African Mask Craft: Create masks using colored paper, beads, and feathers inspired by African tribal art.
  37. Garrett Morgan Traffic Light Craft: Craft a traffic light using colored construction paper to honor Garrett Morgan’s invention.
  38. Elijah McCoy Train Craft: Craft a train using cardboard and decorate it to celebrate Elijah McCoy’s contributions to technology.
  39. Ballet Dancer Craft: Create simple ballerina crafts using paper and fabric to celebrate Black ballet dancers.
  40. Kwanzaa Kinara Craft: Craft a Kinara using toilet paper rolls and colored paper for Kwanzaa celebrations.
  41. African Drum Circle: Have a drum circle using homemade drums. Encourage toddlers to explore different rhythms.
  42. Black History Month Crown: Craft crowns using construction paper and decorate them with symbols of Black history.
  43. Nina Simone Piano Craft: Craft a piano using cardboard or paper to celebrate the legendary Nina Simone.
  44. Dizzy Gillespie Trumpet Craft: Craft a trumpet using household items to celebrate jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie.
  45. Ella Baker Building Blocks: Use building blocks to represent community building inspired by Ella Baker.
  46. Black History Month Bingo: Create bingo cards with pictures of Black history figures. Play a fun game together.
  47. Math Patterns with Black History Symbols: Create simple math patterns using symbols of Black history.
  48. African Elephant Handprint Craft: Paint your toddler’s hand in grey and press it onto paper to create an elephant handprint craft.

These activities are designed to be educational, engaging, and age-appropriate for toddlers, fostering an early appreciation for Black history and culture.

48 Toddler-Friendly Black History Month Crafts and Activities to Try This February (2024)


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