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Engaging preschool activities for the letter “V” can help children learn the sound and recognition of the letter while having fun. I’ve brainstormed 50 creative and educational Letter V activities for preschool learning to inspire you.

These activities aim to make the learning process enjoyable while reinforcing the recognition and sound of the letter “V.” Feel free to adapt them based on the interests and ages of your kids. Interest-led learning really helps kids make connections and develop a lifelong love for learning. I used many of them with my own daughters so I know they work!

Don’t miss the free printable V is for Volcano handwriting practice worksheet at the bottom of this post!

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While you’re considering what type of activities to try, I recommend reading this fine motor skills checklist to keep in mind for your child’s developmental stage.

Letter V Preschool Activities

  1. Vehicle Pattern Blocks:
    • Use these free vehicle pattern block printables to build different types of vehicles and work on fine motor skills.
  2. V is for Vegetable Sorting:
    • Introduce various vegetables of different colors and types so children can sort them by characteristics. Try this Farmer’s Market sorting set by Learning Resources.
    • Have a sorting activity where children categorize vegetables based on their initial letter sound.
  3. Volcano Art:
    • Create a volcano-themed art project. Provide materials like paper, glue, and colored tissue paper to make a vibrant volcano. Try this volcano science experiment, too!
  4. Vine Painting:
    • Use green paint to create vine-like patterns on paper. Children can dip their fingers or paintbrushes in paint and make winding vines across the paper.
  5. Vocabulary Hunt:
    • Go on a “V” word hunt around your house or neighborhood. Encourage children to find and collect items that start with the letter “V.”
  6. Vest Design:
    • Provide plain vests or large paper cutouts of vests. Let children decorate their vests using various materials such as markers, stickers, and cut-out shapes.
  7. Vanishing Colors Experiment:
    • Fill clear containers with water and add a few drops of different food coloring. Place a white flower (such as a carnation) in the water and observe how the color travels up the stem, creating a “vanishing” effect.
  8. Letter V Collage:
    • Prepare cut-out letter “V” shapes from magazines or colored paper. Have children create collages using these cut-outs, gluing them onto a larger sheet of paper.
  9. Vibrant Sensory Bin:
    • Fill a sensory bin with items that start with “V” (e.g., velvet, vinyl, vegetables). Let children explore and feel the different textures.
  10. Paper Plate Vulture Craft:
    • Create a vulture craft using a paper plate as the body and construction paper for the wings and beak. Add googly eyes for a fun touch.
  11. Vegetable Printing:
    • Cut vegetables such as celery, bell peppers, and okra in half and use them as stamps. Dip them in paint and let the children create colorful prints on paper, similar to this apple stamp painting.
  12. Vocabulary Building with a V Word Wall:
    • Create a word wall dedicated to “V” words. Add pictures and words related to the letter “V” to expand the children’s vocabulary.
  13. Vehicle Parade:
    • Let your child gather his or her toy vehicles (cars, trucks, airplanes). Have a “Vehicle Parade” where they can line up and march around with their favorites.
  14. Venn Diagram Sorting:
    • Introduce the concept of Venn diagrams using circles. Have pictures or cards representing items starting with “V” and guide children in sorting them based on commonalities and differences.
  15. Virtual Zoo Tour:
    • Take a virtual field trip to an aquarium or zoo. Explore and discuss various animals whose names start with the letter “V,” such as vultures or vervet monkeys.
  16. Valentine’s Day Craft:
    • Incorporate the letter “V” into a Valentine’s Day craft. Create heart-shaped cards or crafts with “V” words like “Valentine” or “Love.”
  17. Vital Organs Playdough Activity:
    • Model the concept of vital organs using playdough. Create simple shapes representing the heart, lungs, and other organs that are essential for life.
  18. Vocal Sounds Exploration:
    • Engage in vocal play by exploring various sounds and pitches. Use musical instruments or simply experiment with the pitch of their voices to distinguish between high and low sounds.
  19. Viewfinder Nature Hunt:
    • Provide children with small viewfinders or cut a “V” shape in a piece of cardboard. Go on a nature hunt and encourage them to look for items in the environment that fit within the “V.”
  20. Vegetable Soup Cooking Activity:
  21. Vowel Song and Dance:
    • Create a catchy song that emphasizes vowel sounds, including the letter “V.” Incorporate simple dance moves or hand gestures to make it a fun and interactive learning experience.
  22. Vivid Colors Art Project:
    • Provide a variety of vibrant colored materials and encourage children to create an art project focusing on vivid colors that start with the letter “V.”
  23. Vet Clinic Pretend Play:
    • Set up a veterinary clinic pretend play area with stuffed animals. Children can play the role of veterinarians, caring for their “patients” and learning about the responsibilities of vets.
  24. Volleyball Balloon Game:
    • Use a balloon as a “volleyball” and encourage children to practice hitting it back and forth. This activity helps with hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.
  25. Viking Helmet Craft:
    • Let children create Viking helmets using paper, markers, and other craft materials. Discuss a little about Vikings and their association with the letter “V.”
  26. Vowel Hunt:
    • Focus on vowel recognition by hiding objects that start with different vowels around the room. Children can go on a scavenger hunt, finding items that match each vowel sound.
  27. Vibration Science Experiment:
    • Explore the concept of vibrations by using different items (such as rubber bands, tuning forks, or strings) to create sounds. Discuss how vibrations are related to sound.
  28. Visit a Veterinarian:
    • See if you can schedule a tour of the local vet hospital for a fun field trip. The veterinarian can share information about their job, show some basic tools they use, and discuss how they care for animals.
  29. Volcano Eruption Experiment:
    • Create a mini volcano using baking soda, vinegar, and red food coloring. Watch the “volcano” erupt and discuss the science behind it. Check out our volcano science experiment here.
  30. Variety Tasting:
    • Introduce a variety of vegetables for a tasting session. Discuss their colors, textures, and flavors.
  31. Vocabulary Memory Game:
    • Create a memory game with cards featuring pictures and words that start with the letter “V.” Children can take turns flipping cards and matching pairs.
  32. Vulture Feather Craft:
    • Make vulture feather crafts using real or craft feathers. Discuss the characteristics of vultures and how they use their feathers.
  33. Vertical and Horizontal Lines Art:
    • Teach the concepts of vertical and horizontal by having children create art using lines in different directions.
  34. Visual Discrimination Sorting:
    • Provide a variety of objects and have children sort them based on visual characteristics, emphasizing discrimination between similar-looking items.
  35. Vegetable Stamping:
    • Cut vegetables in half and use them as stamps with paint. Children can create unique prints on paper.
  36. Virtual Tour of a Volcano:
    • Take a virtual tour of a volcano or watch videos to learn more about volcanic activity and geography.
  37. Vintage Toy Exploration:
    • Introduce children to vintage toys or replicas. Discuss how toys have changed over time, focusing on those that start with the letter “V.”
  38. Venn Diagram Snack:
    • Create a Venn diagram using different snacks, discussing which snacks belong to both categories and which are unique.
  39. Vegetable Puppet Show:
    • Make simple vegetable puppets and encourage children to create and perform a puppet show.
  40. Van Gogh Inspired Art:
    • Explore the art of Vincent Van Gogh and create a simple art project inspired by his famous works, like “Starry Night.”
  41. Voice Level Chart:
    • Introduce a voice level chart with different levels (whisper, talk, sing, shout). Practice using each level in appropriate situations.
  42. Vial Cap Sorting:
    • Collect small vial caps of various colors. Have children sort and arrange them based on colors or other criteria.
  43. Volunteer Appreciation Cards:
    • Discuss the concept of volunteering and create appreciation cards for volunteers, emphasizing the letter “V.”
  44. Vast and Narrow Scavenger Hunt:
    • Hide items around the room and guide children to find objects that are either vast (large) or narrow (small).
  45. Veggie Wrap Snack Time:
    • Prepare vegetable wraps for snack time, allowing children to choose and assemble their own wraps with veggies.
  46. Viking Ship Building:
    • Use recycled materials to create simple Viking ship models. Discuss the historical significance of Viking ships.
  47. Visual Arts Exploration:
    • Set up a visual arts station with various materials like crayons, markers, and colored pencils, encouraging children to express themselves through visual arts.
  48. Virtual Reality Exploration:
    • If available, explore age-appropriate virtual reality experiences related to the letter “V,” such as virtual visits to different environments.
  49. Vocabulary Building Blocks:
  50. Volunteer Visit:
    • Talk to a local volunteer or community helper about their work. Discuss the importance of helping others and contributing to the community.

These activities cover a range of learning styles and are designed to be both educational and entertaining for preschoolers learning about the letter “V.” Have fun as you learn through the alphabet!

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